Wednesday, March 5, 2008


[Reverse; Ini posting lama saya, teringat kembali saja, sebagai satu hasil introspeksi]

Reversing how you look at a situation can open up new possibilities and dislodge assumptions.

Example: when everyone else is gazing at a glorious sunset, why not turn around to see the blues and violets behind you? What do you notice when you look at a coffee cup? Its design or color? Reverse your focus and look at the space inside -- that's what gives it its functional value.

Example: spend a minute describing a current problem. If you're a male, describe it from the female viewpoint. If you're a female, do the reverse. How can you reverse your viewpoint? What is the "most important" part of your issue or problem? What if you viewed it as the "least important?" What is the unfriendliest part of your issue? What if you viewed it as the "friendliest?" What is the "most serious" part of your issue? What if you viewed it as the "most frivolous?" What is the "most time-consuming" part? What if you gave it "no time at all?" What is the "loudest" part?" What if you didn't "hear it all?" What is the "quietest" part? What if "that's all you heard?" What is the "most boring" part? What if you made it the "most exciting?"

source: CreativeThink

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